double charged vitrified tiles uses

Add true elegance of your floor with AYMA double charge vitrified tiles

Vitrified tiles are made up of dust compression method which makes it harder, denser & less porous than the normal ceramic tiles. It is then heated at a very high temperature that is more than 1250 degrees centigrade resulting in an extremely hard, dense, cognate tile. Vitrified tiles are then polished to a very high finish using exactly the same equipment that is used in polishing Granite and Marble. As vitrified tiles are less porous than ceramic tiles, they are easy to clean as well.

Coming up to Double Charged vitrified tiles, they are a type of vitrified tiles that has a versatile look and is stronger than the normal vitrified tiles. AYMA Double charged vitrified tiles are made of two kinds of color being fed into the machine resulting in a very thick layer of a double-colored design on the tile. This layer of color and design is around 3-4mm thick. These tiles are good for high traffic areas.

ayma double charge vitrified tiles

AYMA Double charged vitrified tiles are not only versatile in terms of look but they too have a set of advantages, which are notably as follows:

  • Stain and Recolor Resistant: AYMA Double Charge tiles are stain safe, which settles the best for the mess that is created by kids while playing. Presently there are many tile dealers and manufacturers in India who are making a good business benefit by going into this business as a result of its huge demand.

  • Easy To Clean: Being Stain Resistant, the cleaning procedure turns out to be very simple. To clean them, it doesn’t require any additional efforts. A normal regular cleaning routine is enough and without much stress gets cleaned.

  • Durable and Strong: After the Vitrification process, vitrified tiles turn out to be exceptionally strong. It is an awesome substitute option to marble and stone tiles.

  • Long-Lasting: The floor is a lifetime investment for the greater part of the home. Vitrified tiles are solid to ensure, it goes on for a lifetime.

  • Low on maintenance: Having a good set of advantages, it is also proved to be low on maintenance. Starting from cleaning to long-lasting, all these factors help become a low maintenance tile that does not require much attention periodically.

  • Low on price: Vitrified tiles are cheaper in price than marble and natural stone, though they are slightly expensive than ceramic and porcelain tiles, they serve the purpose of a versatile tile installation at a lower price than marble and natural stone tiles.

Out of all the types of vitrified tiles, the AYMA  double charge vitrified tiles is the most commonly used for commercial areas and homes nowadays. Everybody prefers these tiles for their homes and offices due to its versatile look, high durability and long-lasting feature. Choosing vitrified tiles for your home or office is always a wise decision taken in terms of class, design and durability.

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